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Our Art store has all the necessary art supplies you need to get you started. From canvases, drawing books, paint sets to MDF blanks. We also undertake orders for paintings, from authentic Mysore Tanjore style of painting to huge acrylics on canvas, you can be sure it will be executed to perfection. We also specialize in DIY art kits which make perfect return gifts for kids or as party favors. For Adults, we customize and ship DIY art kits across the country, from Mysore/Tanjore art kits to paint party kits for groups or individuals, which can be supplemented with online classes/ tutorials from our instructors.
We have been conducting online art classes and art workshops for over 4 years now with excellent feedback.

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If there’s anything else in your mind that we can customize, email/ WhatsApp us & We will get back to you.

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