We at The Hobby Place believe that there is nothing in this world that art cannot heal, whether it’s sorrow, stress or anxiety. Giving your employees a chance to break away from work to indulge in doodling, creating mandalas, painting or any other art form can immensely reduce stress levels, prevent burnout and build stronger teams

A study published by Drexel University in 2016 found that art is effective in reducing stress hormones. About 75 per cent of the participants in the study showed a reduction in cortisol after just 45 minutes of making art. When you compare the effects of stress on the overall business, the value of a powerful corporate stress management programme involving arts offers massive return on investment for the business

Getting employees to make art in groups is a great team bonding activity. For remote workers who feel isolated, it is a good way to make them feel like they are not alone. Our Art Workshops for corporate groups are designed to enhance employee well-being, increase a sense of belonging in the organization, increase interaction among employees and strengthen teams

 4 types of Corporate Workshops/ offerings from The Hobby Place


Creative Art Workshops for individuals/ employees to aid mindfulness & employee wellbeing


Collaborative Art Sessions for team building such as Collaborative Paintings that is finally put together and framed at the workplace that also increases a sense of belonging, interaction among employees and strengthen teams


Art workshops for Families


Art Clubs for Corporates

  • Two Online learning workshops a month which will be a step by step guided interactive session
  • Quality interactions on an online group to make sure employees are inspired, make art a part of their routine, have a platform to share their art and get professional feedback from our artists/ Art instructors.
  • Appreciation from their peers. “Painting of the month/Artist of the month” recognition.
  • Inputs on where to source the materials/ guidance to take the passion for art forward. Hand-holding at every step on WhatsApp group. 

Over the last ten years, we have conducted unique Art Experiences & Paint Parties for several corporate clients such as Infosys, Schneider Electric, Coco- Cola India, Plansee Strong Metals, Wipro, L & T, N.R Group, VM Ware; School groups of more than 100 students from Isha Foundation School, Coimbatore, National Public School, Ican Learning Center, Mysore and tour agencies such as Nirvana Nomads, Culture Trails, Tourism department of Govt of India.


Bring your teammates, co-workers, friends, family or school groups to The Hobby Place and we’ll tailor an event that works perfectly for your group. Completely customizable creative art experiences ideal for team building, relaxation and well-being.

You and your group get step-by-step instruction and everyone paints on his or her own canvas as the artist teaches either a custom painting or one from our library. No experience necessary, we believe everyone is an artist. With our artist’s magic touches, you take home wonderful memories and your own masterpiece

If Painting is not your thing, we offer a variety of other options from Pottery, Mandala, Doodling etc to Mosaic to a fun Bollywood choreography for the latest Instagram reel for your social media. We also organize local artisanal experiences such as Mysore Rose wood inlay work demonstration, Veeragasse/ Kamsaale dance performances for groups. 

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