Ceramic Pottery

Ceramic art has a long history in almost all developed cultures, and they are the artistic evidence left from vanished cultures. Understand ceramics while also learning the fundamentals of wheel thrown party & hand building.
Learn how a glaze is used, learn various glaze application techniques like spraying, brushwork, etc., and work with our broad range of under-glaze and glaze colors to truly accentuate your ceramic art.
This course is your first step on the journey to discovering, working with and developing glazes.
Price includes glaze, clay & firing charges Special Batches can be scheduled based on the demand & the mutual convenience of the students & teacher.

Pottery Carving & Creative Designs

The art of pottery is oftentimes described as therapeutic and relaxing. While spinning clay, your mind and body are in natural synergy, wrapped around your creative ambitions and goals.
This thoughtful, artistic activity can open up the mind and relieve you of outside worries.
These sessions can be adapted to different skill levels, from simple and fun designs for kids to complex folk art skills for adults.
This course complements the potter's wheel course, allowing you to carve and decorate your own pots, or to have a separate place for trainers to make, carve and shape pots.


Pottery, one of the oldest and most widespread of the decorative arts, consisting of objects made of clay and hardened with heat.
From childhood, many of us are fascinated by potter’s wheel and would always think of trying hands on it.
At The Hobby Place, our professional potter will demonstrate how pots are made, basics of wheel-thrown pottery-centering, pulling walls, shaping and trimming and you will learn how to make functional pot on your own.

Hand Building and Sculpting

You’ll get to know how to create a sculpture of a face from scratch.
The Hobby Place will teach you everything you’ll need to get started, including guiding you through the process of building up clay to get the large forms, and taking it to a finish with the details. It’s a fully interactive class with lots of room to discuss and get help with your piece.
The Guide explains the thought process, gives tips and warns about common mistakes.
Hand building with clay provides a unique opportunity for experimentation requires less tools and brings intuition and imagination to the fore.
Sculpting and hand building is an essential guide for potters and students who want to learn the basics of hand building or seek inspiration to integrate and adapt traditional methods.
Learn how to CREATE with clay, creativity and your hands! Sculpt faces, tribal masks & much more
What you will learn:
• Foundation of skills to sculpt a realistic head
• Creating a likeness of a person in clay
• Live Model to sculpt

Pottery Wheel Intermediate/Advanced Classes

This class is suited to anyone interested in trying the pottery wheel for the first time.
This class brings you an experience the joy of being on the wheel, learning to create and have some FUN!

Special Batches can be scheduled based on the demand & the mutual convenience of the students & teacher.

Clay Studio Membership

Studio Members with the Membership can access the studio during our regular business hours except during scheduled class hours.
You will have full access to our studio pottery wheels; tools and can opt to fire some of the articles that are created at our studio facility for free, max up to one load per month.

Special Batches can be scheduled based on the demand & the mutual convenience of the students & teacher.

Classes and Workshop in Pottery

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