Teacher Training Courses

Become a THP certified Visual Artist

*with Certificate of Completion & future collaboration opportunities*

Our objective is to bring participants to a point where they are able to run their own pottery/Painting businesses based on making and/or teaching.

Terracotta Pottery Instructor Course

3+1 month course: 30 hours of completely guided classes plus 20 hours of mandatory hands-on internship where the student would be required to teach & will be graded on assignments.

Clay to be bought at cost price (approximately 3-4k for clay for the entire course)

Wheel Throwing foundation and Hand building techniques and how to teach them in the classroom

  • Clay Preparation
  • Using different types of clay
  • Clay carving
  • Mural Making
  • Wheel Throwing
  • Miniature Pottery
  • Terracotta sculpture
  • Firing & Kiln Operation
  • Recycling
  • Tools and other equipment
  • Materials purchase and storage

4 months & 6 months Certificate Courses in Drawing & Painting

Certificate Courses in Drawing & Painting: Understand the core principles of visual Arts & creating art in this completely customizable program specifically designed to enhance your creative flow and help you draw, paint & teach better. Learn about Space, Form, Shapes, Tone, Depth, and Composition & build a solid Art Foundation. In the 6 months program, you further explore working with different art media to create stunning pieces of Visual Arts. You will be given options to choose particular styles of painting and master them.

This course is both for absolute beginners to art as well as art enthusiasts who want to re-learn in a systematic way so that they can pursue arts professionally. And it is customized depending on the student’s needs. The Hobby Place will award you with the certificate of completion after multiple assessments at regular intervals. 

You will also be given opportunities to collaborate/work with The Hobby Place & will be guided at every step.

  • 4 months: 60 hours of learning: (Painting with different media & Styles only) + 20 Assessment hours.
  • 6 months: 110 hours: (Drawing & Painting) + 30 Assessment hours
    Materials can be bought by the student at a specially discounted price for our Teacher training students.

Who teaches it?

All our instructors are professionally qualified artists with a decade of experience teaching art to students of different levels and ages with splendid feedback.

Who is it suitable for?

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You have arts training but learn it in a professional way to upgrade. And would like to work in the sector
  • You have been working in another sector and would like a life change
  • You would like to become a part-time/full-time art/pottery teacher
  • You have a business in making/selling craft, but would like to diversify
  • You’re a keen amateur who wants to open your own business & sell your work

Previous experience in Painting or Pottery is not required.

How to register?

There are limited places on this course, and you should apply initially by emailing to info@gmail.com. Please outline your expectations, experience, if any, and how you envision using the learnings from this programme.

Phonics Teacher Training Workshop

Our goal with Phonics Teacher Training Workshop is to empower TEACHERS, PARENTS & EDUCATORS to help children to read, spell and write with ease.
We bring to you a highly interactive ONLINE workshop for all those who wish to ignite the fire of reading in young minds.

Duration: 8 hours (2 hours * 4 sessions, weekday and weekend batches available)
Course is conducted by Malathi Menda who has a decade of experience in teaching Phonics and training teachers. She is also author of several children’s books on various subjects.

Course content:

  • Phonological awareness of the 44 phonemes In the English language
  • Focus on starting, medial and ending sound of CVC words
  • Sight Words
  •  Digraphs
  • Consonant blends
  • Magic e
  • R – controlled words
  • vowel pairs/digraphs/ diphthongs
  • contractions
  • compound words
  • silent letters
  • word segmenting
  • special sounds
  • spelling rules

Personalized Certificates will be rewarded after course completion & an assessment.

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