The Hobby Place is Mysore’s one of a kind Creative Studio and Hobby Center, offering a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year, for the young & old, for the aspiring, experienced and the recreational art enthusiasts in a spacious, calm and beautiful ambience! We have on board a team of highly talented, welcoming and enthusiastic artists who have years of experience teaching various art forms for different skill levels. Apart from the training facility, we conduct special cultural events and workshops; birthday parties, kitty parties, corporate events and private lessons. We also undertake orders for one-of-a-kind painting, customized pottery, a mural, kitchenware or a handcrafted gift.



To provide a platform for people to share their passion for a specific hobby and connect with others who share that same interest & and encourage people to explore new hobbies and interests and to provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to get started.



To foster a sense of creativity, curiosity, and lifelong learning by encouraging people to explore new hobbies and interests and to continue developing their skills and knowledge.

In keeping with our philosophy to renew and re-create awareness for dwindling art forms, we conduct regular classes in traditional Indian art forms such as Mysore art, Tanjore art, Ganjifa, Miniature Indian Paintings, Rajasthani Mural, Kerala Mural, Madhubani, Warli to name a few. We also invite ancestral artists from various parts of the country to conduct workshops in rare dying art forms such as Chowki/Kinnal art from Koppal district, Madhubani artists from Bihar and the tribal Warli artists from Maharashtra.

At the Hobby Place, we constantly try to be as inclusive, eco-friendly and socially responsible as possible. We frequently partner with local non-profits & schools for the especially abled & less privileged, to give back to our community. Our studio is open to independent artists and artisans to showcase and sell their works, as an attempt to encourage and sustain them. Our clay is chemical free and most other hobby materials are hand made by rural folks in India.

We believe, there are friends to be made, artists to be encouraged, culture to be exchanged and above all, fun to be had.

Our story & the team

Hi, My name is Savitha and I am the founder of The Hobby Place. A former software engineer, Finance Teacher / communications consultant, really happy to have found my calling when The Hobby Place was born in 2013. I am not an artist, but I have always appreciated what art does to the society at large. I believe art HEALS, art speaks across boundaries and makes us empathetic & calmer, which is so essential today. I strongly believe everyone should make us of arts for relaxation, self-expression and our emotional well- being, whether we are good at it or not, art is for all.

I always wanted Mysore, my favourite town in the world to have a place where people young and old, from different phases of life, could come, find their personal creative space — try a new art form, pursue an old hobby, improve their technique, do fun activities with friends and family or just unwind and de-stress from a hectic work week. The Hobby Place was born as a result. I am so grateful to the universe for The Hobby Place community and my amazing team who are always supportive of my every idea and execute it to perfection by always matching my enthusiasm.

Immensely Talented TEAM


Art Instructor/ Senior Painting Artist

Punith, MFA in Painting, the most patient of us all, is everybody’s favourite Art teacher. He specialises in Indian traditional Arts

Suma Vasanth

Suma Vasanth, our kind, caring and talented arts and crafts teacher, strongly believes in continuous lifelong learning.


Pottery/Sculpting Instructor

Subash, our multi-talented, multi-talker Pottery Teacher is a gold medalist from Mysore University in sculpting and a master of fine Arts by qualification



Qualification: Bachelor in Fine Arts (MFA)

Esther has a bachelor in Visual Arts and is a super hit among all our children.

what People Say About Us

This is one of the best places I found in Mysore to spend a holiday. The place is soothing. All the staff here is very friendly which ease us to be comfortable while learning a new skill.
I took pottery class here and the instructor was very patient, encouraging and gets along well which made our experience both fun and progressive for the day.
Aishwarya Shubhakar
The Hobby Place is one of the best things that happened to Mysore city. This creative centre helps you channel your inner Picasso. From pottery to Mandala art, they have it all,
and the place ensures that you can nurture the child within you. The pottery classes are therapeutic, and transports you to an almost meditative state. Do check it out! Bonus – their staff is super sweet and helpful 🌸
Rachita Mohan
If you are looking for some entertainment, learning and a form of meditation all in an hour, this is the place! (You can pre book one hour session of any of the courses they offer)
They do offer full fledged courses in pottery, different forms of painting and many other forms of art The staff are friendly and patient You also get to meet some enthusiastic kids
Sandhya Sheshadri
Hi myself Adhyatha, I was wondering where to put up all my hobbies into action, I came across the place "Hobby Place" through my friends and family. I am glad to be at Hobby Place due to all the staff members are very supportive and encouraged me to do big paintings and other art form.
I am very happy with all the effort of my guru Puneeth sir, he is very supportive and have lots of patients to teach all art form.
I am very excited to try new forms of art every day and I am very much thrilled to go to Hobby place everyday. Trying new everyday give me a different level of happiness. ... So try your turn my friends. Thanking you Adhyatha
My family members are student here. And i have personally seen the place..,
1. Ambience itself is very nice and gives a urge to be artistic 😊😊,
2. Drawing teachers are very goood and teach passionately and patiently answering all queries… 3. Pottery teachers and the facility is also good 👍🏻👍🏻
Pundarik Mahata
Hobby place is a happy place for me. I’ve learnt Kerala Mural art from there. Punith sir is a talented teacher and instructing in a very good manners. There is no strictness. Yea that’s necessary for a place designed for cherishing our “hobby”. I found my life’s best five days there. Learning Kerala Mural was my dream. And they stood with me for making my dream come true. Thank you hobby place. I got a fruitful vacation in Mysore. Take some vacation and come to Mysore and join for sone kind of art in Hobby place.
I’m sure you will get a great time. I’m refreshed with positive vibe and I’m going back to my place with bundle of joy. Thank you Hobby place for being my happy place.
Nithi Krish


At Hobby Place

We, at the Hobby Place, are always on the look-out for something new, fun and unique to offer to Mysoreans. Join us by mail us at info@hobbyplace.com


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