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At The Hobby Place, we truly believe Art is for All and Everyone should practice arts for happiness, stress release and emotional well-being. We believe with our artists help & magic, anyone can paint and have a great time. So if you are bored and have an hour or two, Keep your gadgets away, hop in to our studio, splash some paint or play with some clay to reconnect with your inner child and EXPERIENCE ART LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

Call us to book a fun canvas painting or pottery session with your friends or family or all by yourself for some quality “me time” any day of the week!

If you are someone who’s already good at art and want to improve, or learn any particular style of painting such as Mysore/Tanjore/ Pattachitra or different media such as oil painting, acrylics, watercolors or mixed media, our team of immensely talented art teachers will help you better your techniques and train you at intermediate and advance levels.



One of the silver linings from the lockdown during pandemic is that we transitioned well to online teaching. And today we have a dedicated team of artists that are continuing to teach students of all ages online all around the world. We have also conducted online workshops for groups with beautiful interactions.

You can also now learn from the comfort of your homes through our live, interactive online art classes from anywhere in the world. Contact us to book a trial class. All the required materials can be shipped across India and if you are living outside India, we can help you shop the required materials online

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