Holiday Camps

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Holiday camps and workshops by The Hobby Place Mysore offer exciting learning opportunities for Kids and Adult's.

Strengthen your basics & painting techniques in The Hobby Place Mysore Learn 4 styles in 4 weeks & create fameworthy 8 masterpieces With certificate of completion + art show
Pick any 4 styles from:
Traditional art:
• Lippan kaam from Kutch (mud & mirror painting)
• Kerala mural painting
• Madhu Bani
• Warli
• Gond
• Ganjifa
Contemporary styles:
• Watercolor washes & florals
• Knife painting
• Doodling
• Zen mandalas
• Acrylic on canvas


Cooking Workshop for your aspiring Lil’ chefs Little Master Chef camp is a fun filled summer camp for the junior chefs with a special kids menu, where the Little ones will learn to make their favorite dishes.
Cooking will be included in their daily activity. Batch 1: apr 13 to 17th | batch 2: may 4th to may 8th| 2.30 pm to 4 pm


For Kids Clay play is a multi-sensory hobby: touch, sight, smell—and even sound.
Book your any 10 days in April & may now | only 4 in a batch| hand-building, sculpting basics and fun on the pottery wheel| take home about 20 fun handmade prolific projects
Duration: 2.5 hours a day
Take home projects include: coffee mugs| salad plates| name plate/murals| bowls| pen stand| animal & bird figurines& more
Pottery making enhances creativity, spatial intelligence and fine-motor skills development among children.
It allows children to explore clay as a material. Children of all ages enjoy squishing, squelching, pinching, rolling, poking, stretching and pounding the clay.
Some children find this particularly soothing and it can be useful for releasing tension or frustration.


Painting, pottery, crafts, dance & music, storytelling, &free play
Apr 1st to may 22nd | half day / full day / per week options| Monday to Friday Only 15 in a batch!!!

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