Traditional Art

In Mysore painting is an important Traditional form of South Indian classical painting that was born in and around the city of Mysore.


From childhood, many of us are fascinated by potter’s wheel and would always think of trying hands on it.


Paint your heart out at The Hobby Place. At your convenient schedule, no fixed hours. Come & go as you wish.


Let your creativity loose with the opportunity to experience creating objects using your imagination, a wide variety of materials & art styles.

Holiday Camps & Workshops

Holiday camps and workshops by The Hobby Place Mysore offer exciting learning opportunities for Kids and Adult's.

Brain Games

Whether you want to learn how to play the game or get better at your moves, learn openings, endgames, strategy and tactics by The Hobby Place Mysore.

Handwriting & Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a pen, ink brush, or other writing instrument.

Book Clubs

To bring back the book reading culture and build a community of book lovers

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